At Minipac Products® Ltd we offer the following services in the fields of Medical Device disinfection, eye care, cosmetics & skin care:

  • Planning

    When you have a new idea – we can help with planning all aspects related to production.
  • Development

    When you are thinking of a new product, formulations and packaging solution for your products – we help with the development process.
    Our R&D department constantly researches and develops ne products, based on market demands.
  • Regulation

    We at minipac Products accompany our clients with all aspeckts of required regulations and certifications for their products – from addressing the required regulations through prepration of registration documents.
  • Production

    Product production is done on state-of-the-art manufacturing lines, which include: sachets, plastic cansters, bottles, tubes and jars.
    We assist and accompany our customers during all the stages of production.
  • Storage

    if you require storage for your products before selling – we have the place for you!
  • Shipping

    We prepare your products for shipping and can advise the best way and lowest price to do so.